September 20, 2022

Opening the first member club lounge at dental expo in Brussels, Belgium.

Martin Ravets
CEO & Co-Founder

Dentaverse will be attending Dentex Dentalia Village 2022.  This is the first in real life meet of the dental web3 and VR community; three days of networking, sharing and learning.

This year, Dentalia is joining forces with Dentex for a dental exhibition with a strong focus on innovation. The Dentex Dentalia Village 2022 event will take place on 29, 30, 31 September 2022 in Brussels. Dentex Dentalia Village is offering a modern, learning based approach to stay informed about current and future product innovations and advanced techniques in dentistry.

By combining live workshops, a mix of speakers from different industries and technologies like VR dentalia is looking to modernize visitor’s experiences. On the agenda: panel discussions, metaverse connected meetings and workshops on innovation and technology in dentistry.

Dentalia and Dentaverse aim to establish long term relationships with their online community members in Belgium. Intended to foster close collaboration between all key players attending the conference and beyond on the Dentaverse platform.

Three days of networking, interactive showcases, announcements, educational sessions and best practices that will move the dental industry forward.

Dentex Dentalia Village Floorplan showing Dentaverse at Booth #5746

A perfect springboard for Dentaverse.

Dentaverse was born in Brussels between professionals from dentistry, finance, 3D, events and online marketing. Dentaverse has developed into a deep integration of dental know-how and innovative technologies like: metaverse (VR), blockchain, web3 tech and education.

By combining web3 technologies such as virtual reality, metaverse and blockchain, the platform gives dentists around the world a set of innovative tools to easily communicate, educate and collaborate together in one immersive platform.

What better place than the city that cradled the project to set up the first Dentaverse Club Lounge. Dentaverse is currently present in 40 countries and is expanding rapidly. With an ambition to have members from the global dental sector - Dentaverse is closing the gap for collaboration in virtual reality. Pushing the current boundaries of education and harnessing the radical change in data ownership that Web3 enables.

Community, connectivity and loyalty.

These are the key words of Dentaverse, which will proudly sit at Brussels Dentex Dentalia Village 2022, but then at AEEDC in Dubai, IDS in Cologne, ADF in Paris, and GNYDM in New York during this new season.

The teams will be there to welcome the curious, explain the need for Web3 in the sector as well as the different ways to integrate the community through blockchain to advantageous loyalty packages giving access to a metaverse.

It’s a platform created for and by professionals in the dental sector to provide ideal spaces for professional exchanges, seminars but also for the remote practice of students in dental education.

The meeting of the virtual and the real, taking place at the end of this month, from the 29th of September until the 1st of October.

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