July 21, 2022
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Dentaverse – Public NFT sale is now live – Beta platform launched!

Jan Stanley Brown
CIO & Co-Founder

The Belgian National Day was chosen as the founders are both Belgian -  Dentaverse was officially opened to the public. The Dentaverse NFT access tokens are for sale on Dentaverse.io for the price of $2,500 or 1 ETH whichever is greater. A key requirement to be able to participate in this world wide dental forward thinking community. Only a maximum of 5 NFTs per wallet is allowed.

Dentaverse Ambassador, Professor Doctor Maria Orellana from Argentina, explains the community platform as followss: “Dentaverse brings us together to have a clear vision as a community of what we want our dental world to look like, to make the most of the opportunities offered by the virtual one.”

Open to everyone

In June, it was decided to hold a pre-sale for ambassadors to mint their NFTs, and opened the private mint for dentists invited by Ambassadors on July 7th. After only 4 months of collaboration it was a great success for the team and community. We are making the mint available to the public with no access requirements other than the minimum amount of Ethereum. 

All dentists, members of the dental sector, health specialists or simply NFT pop-art fanatics can therefore participate in the mint and join the community. An availability of 3,921 NFTs are left to mint at time of writing via https://dentaverse.io. All NFTs minted up until 29th of September 2022 are a generic genesis 3D Animated NFT. The reveal will take place during the first in real life meet up at Dentalia Together Expo in Brussels on forthcoming September 29th.

Dental professionals have already received value by being part of The Dentaverse, don’t miss the opportunity before the NFTs sell out!

Much more than just NFTs.

Dentaverse brings finance professionals to help dentists invest in a smart way in web3 assets. With weekly meetups available to NFT holders, they invite professional fund managers to the Dentaverse and talk about the latest trends.

During the last virtual meetup in the Dentaverse on July 24th, Turkish Cranio Catch startup presented an artificial intelligence X-Ray analyzer. This was followed by a talk on the current crypto market by Dentaverse’s founder and finance professional Jan-Stanley Brown and presentation about Mawzi, a tools and maintenance startup All three  were met with applause by the 75+ visitors.

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