July 7, 2022

Community as biggest asset — How Dentaverse is shaping the future of dentistry

Jan Stanley Brown
CIO & Co-Founder

Dentaverse, an NFT backed dental community has officially opened its virtual doors. Dentists from all over the world are gathering on the Discord server which recently celebrated its 100th member.

The global Ambassador team is driving a whitelisting campaign exclusively accessible for dental professionals. Holders of the NFT gain access to a community that will drive innovation on different levels within dentistry.

Dentaverse is currently represented by 26 ambassadors, doctors in dentistry, in 18 countries spanning across 4 continents.

For those new to the world of NFT, NFT stands for ‘non-fungible token’. An NFT is, in short, data that is written on a blockchain. That data represents something specific and digitally scarce. An NFT can, for example, represent a unique piece of art, an access token or even physical assets.

Minting is the process by which digital content is recorded on a blockchain. It is also the term that has been used for centuries to define stamping metal coins and adding them into circulation.

A thoughtful project and community

“Our goal is that by focusing on launching a thoughtful project and community, Dentaverse will be able to make a seamless, harmonious blend of the oncoming metaverse and real dentistry life, to the benefit of people around the globe,” says Martin Ravets (co-founder at Dentaverse).

By connecting the dental community with software engineers, marketing experts, private equity investors and business consultants the Dentaverse™ team aims to collaborate and innovate within the dental profession. Backed by carefully selected dentist Ambassadors, the Dentaverse project has already proven to be valuable for those involved.

Large scale communication and collaboration drives grassroots innovation within the dental industry. The Dentaverse community is connected by hosting online and off-line events for networking, discussing and sharing know-how. Dentaverse Club lounges will be available for NFT holders at dental expos around the world. More precisely: Dentalia in Brussels, AEEDC in Dubai, IDS in Cologne, ADF in Paris and GNYDM in New York during 2022, 2023 and beyond.

We are stronger together

“We have started the journey of bringing an industry that touches each and every person on this planet forward into web3 and trustless technology,” as JSB (co-founder at Dentaverse) puts it. Together with the Dentaverse community, they bring their vision into reality with a unified team and a shared roadmap.

Holders of the NFT directly benefit from community backed tools and services like the Dentaverse — the community owned metaverse, the Bpay crypto payment platform, developed by Blockchain Integration Technologies — B.I.T. as well as the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

4000 NFTs will be brought into circulation for a first market purchase price of $2.500 or 1 ETH — whichever is greater. Dentists have until the 21st of July to get whitelisted before the NFTs become publicly available. From the public mint onwards would-be dental holders can head to OpenSea to participate in the secondary market.

Public debut of the Dentaverse virtual platform

On Sunday Jul. 10 2022 at 6:00 pm UTC the Dentaverse virtual space will be opening its doors to Ambassadors, press and the public for the very first time. The team has been testing the community metaverse in the past months by holding online meetups and brainstorming sessions there. Now it is ready for its public debut.

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