Offers real life and virtual experiences

Your dental web3 future unpacked

Lifetime membership in this global community of dentists propels your dental practice into the latest web3 and virtual reality technology. Your membership offers real-life and virtual benefits to accelerate personal and professional growth.


Only 4000 Professional access tokens exist

Community membership

Be part of a global community that is connecting the future of dentistry.

Virtual network of dental professionals from across the globe.

Learn about dental innovations that are happening far from you.

Be inspired by the stories of dentists within the community.

Discover your peers by visiting events in real life and in VR.

Network with professionals from other industries.

Be a decisive part of Dentaverse's journey by joining the DAO.


Platform based on gaming engine Unreal Engine 5

Unlimited VR access + private office

Professional membership gives you full access to the Dentaverse VR platform. You also have access to one of our private meeting rooms. To host meetings and receive guests.

Host 2D, 3D and VR meetings in an immersive environment.

Use Dentaverse VR to provide immersive corporate trainings.

Connect with dental technicians and suppliers from around the world.

Meet with future dental talent before they graduate during our Academy meetups.

Reduce your carbon footprint by using virtual reality when it makes sense.

Establish your dental practice as a forward thinking and web3 ready one.


Trustless & Instant

Crypto platform

Dentaverse has developed their own crypto platform that is business ready. With a full accounting data capture you can now easily accept crypto payments in your dental practice, without having to worry how to account it for it.

Dentaverse designed crypto payment platform.

2% transaction fee : 1% incoming to the platform 1% when withdrawn.

Learn about crypto payments by using it.

Learn about staking mechanisms by doing it.

Add our NFT generation option to create customer loyalty schemes or rewards.

Be one of the few practices around the world to accept crypto.

Tap Into Web3 & VR Innovation

The Dentaverse platform is your connectivity hub to the dental industry

Purchasing a lifetime membership brings you access to the virtual reality platform, online and virtual dental learning, VR conferences and expos, and so much more...

Ready for scale

Onboarding Dentaverse means having access to a virtual reality platform that's ready for scale.

Our technology stack allows easy absorption of planned and unplanned growth in order to meet your needs.

3D/VR by Unreal Engine 5
Value stored on-chain
Built for the cloud
Web3 ready
Real-time rendering

A field of computer graphics focused on analysing and producing images in real time. Therefore users can interact with the render as it is developed.

Easy authentication

Using web3 tech-stack to easily and uniquely identify community members. This unique ID (or NFT) is your on- and offline membership card.

Community partnerships

Bringing additional value to your lifetime membership through collaboration with the industry's innovators and leaders.

Partner integrations

Increased connectivity through having your most-used apps and tools made available on the Dentaverse platform.

Secured by blockchain

Blockchain produces a structure of data with inherent security qualities. It's based on principles of cryptography, decentralisation and consensus, which ensure trust in transactions.

Private VR room

As a member you get access to your bookable and privately owned spaces within the Dentaverse virtual platform. These room adds extra functionality to your community membership.

Lifetime memberships

As strong believers in long term commitment, our community memberships are based on lifetime access.

Generating measurable value for members and partners by web3 and VR technology.

Community multiplier

Recurring income models allow members and partners to generate monthly revenue.

Emerging payment models

Enter a trustless partnership that eliminates geographical boundaries.

Global dental directory

About us

Creators Of The Dentaverse

Understanding what we are doing and where we are going is about the individuals that work on our team and take part in the community.

Virtual reality platform

Dental Community In Virtual Reality

A virtual community of dentists and dental students means you enter a lifetime of ever learning and evolving in the web3 and VR space.