Connecting the dental dots of the future

Shaping the connectivity of dentistry.

Our detailed roadmap is planned for October 2022

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As a community focused platform it is very important to get the fundementals right before scaling.

Feedback driven

Community feedback has shaped what Dentaverse is today.

VR Meetups

Our virtual meetups have inspired and connected dental professionals around the world.

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Establishing strong ties with the wider dental industry is key to our success.

During 2023 Dentaverse will continue to connect dental dots in the form of educational and industry partners.

Dentaverse Academy

Web3 fundamentally changes ones ability to monetise data within the "internet-of-value".

Education lies at the heart of understanding these changes.

Connecting dental dots

2022 has shown that there are many


Empowering data

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Data brokerage tools

Powered by web3 data brokering becomes a reality with micro payments and instant settlements.

Internet of Enterprises

As the internet evolves in to what is called web3, so will the world's enterprises. Dentaverse is part of it.