October 19, 2022

Join an international dental student community and win a trip to AEEDC Dubai 2023.

Floris Keyzer
Chief Operations Officer

Dentaverse launches its first student onboarding program, building a strong international dental student community. The main goal is to spread awareness about digital innovation and reward the biggest advocates.

Dentaverse brings web3 technologies to the dental industry by synchronously connecting dentistry with 3D communication channels. Hereby removing physical boundaries for different actors to interact with each other.

Dentaverse started with onboarding dental professionals, now it’s the time for students to discover connecting in 3D.

A student giveaway contest is organized within the onboarding program. To enter, participants will be asked to connect to Dentaverse across different social media platforms (Discord, Telegram, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp). Each action is rewarded by points, which will be added to the total score.

Participants can see their ranking on the scoreboard via the dashboard page of the contest. They are encouraged to refer the contest to their peers and will be rewarded with extra points for each friend joining the community with the personal referral link.

The student with the highest points will win the grand prize: joining Dentaverse as a Student Ambassador on a fully-funded trip to AEEDC Dubai 2023, the largest annual scientific dental conference and exhibition in the world. Other high-ranked participants will also be rewarded. The prizes include Student Ambassadorships, student memberships of Dentaverse platform, and more.

Through this program Dentaverse establishes a strong international dental student community and introduces them to the future of collaboration in a 3D VR experience. As a member of Dentaverse, students will be able to combine two core values – education and peer-2-peer networking.

Using the Dentaverse platform and Discord server as the main communication means with the community, they will be able to have networking events, connect with their like-minded colleagues, and create a warm atmosphere of a global community with shared values, purpose, and harmony.

Joining Dentaverse will not only give them an alternate perspective on dental education, but also a stage where they can enhance their knowledge around the core technological concepts that underlie web3, such as blockchain, NFTs, cryptocurrency, metaverse, and virtual reality.

Dentaverse smoothly onboards dental students to future technology, and teaches them about the web3 tools to open the gate to unlimited learning opportunities. Via the customized conference rooms in Dentaverse, dental students will have the opportunity to follow workshops and webinars from leading dental experts.

Being a part of Dentaverse gives dental students an upper hand in more rigorously preparing for their professional life, while still in college or university. Dentaverse is aimed at creating a borderless and homogenous environment, all while integrating web3 technologies and giving a new breath into dental industry practices.

Onboard a unique platform and explore a new wave in dental literacy and connectivity with Dentaverse!

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