July 19, 2022
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Closing the gap between dentists all over the globe - the importance of Dentaverse community infrastructure.

Jan Stanley Brown
CIO & Co-Founder

The Dentaverse virtual world has officially opened its portals to the Dentaverse Ambassadors and community members. These virtual meet-ups see the Dentaverse team connect with community members in their meta verse. The virtual conferences have been visited by 128 community and team members logging in from 21 different time zones.

Attendees get served a mix of blockchain and dentistry related topics and discussions like 'the current state of crypto' by the Dentaverse team and a presentation about the artificial intelligence startup of community member and Dentaverse Ambassador Dr. Ibrahim Sevki Bayrakdar from Turkey.

The event marks the starting point of a journey into the oncoming web3 joining a curious developer community that is already networking and connecting dentists all over the world. By carefully listening to the community, the Dentaverse team has put itself in a position that allows for industry-wide technological advancement into web3.

Dentists and investors can join the community through NFT ownership. These Dentaverse ‘NFT holders’ are entitled to a range of innovative products and services such as a crypto payment platform by blockchain developer B.I.T., the Dentaverse VR platform and Mawzi - a startup streamlining your dental equipment management.

The first 200 holders will be onboarded for free to the crypto payment platform, which is the start of enrolling members into membership benefits. As Dentaverse co-founder Jan Stanley Brown puts it: “Dentaverse is the foundation for web3 development within the dental industry - we are only scratching the surface of possibilities yet. Accepting crypto payments is just the beginning. Social value and virtual health innovation without geographical boundaries is our mission.”

“Our goal is that by focusing on launching a thoughtful project and community, Dentaverse will be able to make a seamless, harmonious blend of the oncoming metaverse and real dentistry life, to the benefit of people around the globe,” says Martin Ravets (co-founder of Dentaverse).

Community building and community nurturing are of utmost importance to the Dentaverse value proposition. Only through connecting dental professionals can the team establish its innovational stronghold within dentistry. The first meet-ups in virtual reality proved that the greatest power of the Dentaverse is its community members - collaboration as an asset.

This Sunday - July 24, 2022 - the next Dentaverse meetup will include Dr. James Martin of Dentist's Who Invest - a UK-based investment platform for dentists. For more details on the event, follow this link: https://www.linkedin.com/events/6954813148843401216/

As a reminder, the public mint will take place this Thursday, July 21. Anyone interested in the project will therefore be able to access the minting of an NFT without going through our ambassadors from the world of dentistry, or through our team. This is a big step in expanding the horizons and impact of the Dentaverse NFT.

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