The birth of dental web3 and VR collaboration

Dentaverse was born in the heart of Europe between young professionals. A combination of Dental, Finance, 3D and web professionals coming together to connect dental dots. In doing so Dentaverse has grown in to a deep integration of know-how and innovative technologies like: Metaverse for Dentists (VR), Dental Education, Blockchain and Web3 technologies.

We are connecting the wider dental ecosystem through an "internet-of-value" and web3 platform. The founding team is proud to have connected dental innovators and professionals from around the world in such a short time. The Dentaverse community is shaping what we are and where we are going, this is social innovation at it's best.


At the centre of fulfilling our vision lies a global community with shared values, purpose and harmony.

Dentaverse is first and foremost a community of curious individuals connecting dental dots around the world to create value, new business models and a harmonious web3 eco-system for the future of collaboration.

By combining web3 technologies such as virtual reality, meta verse, blockchain & NFTs we give dentists around the world a set of innovative tools to communicate, educate and collaborate easily together in one platform.

It's our mission to grow dentaverse's dental community beyond any physical borders. To initiate collaboration where none was possible. To push the current boundaries of education. To harness and share the subtle shift in data ownership that web3 enables.

Developing VR spaces that allow our community to learn, engage and share.

Virtual Reality Training

Our VR facilities allow education for dental students and professionals.

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