August 2, 2022

Dentaverse partners with Dentalia - a mix of virtual reality and real life within dentistry.

Martin Ravets
CEO & Co-Founder

Dentaverse and Dentalia are officially announcing today that they have entered into a strategic partnership that will shape the future mix of virtual reality and real life within dentistry. By joining forces both partners acknowledge the need for a close collaboration in order to kick-start the grassroots changes for an entire industry.

The agreement brings together the physical and online worlds in which dentists communicate and meet. Dentaverse is the world’s fastest growing Web3 virtual community of dentists and Dentalia is part of Belgium’s largest Dental conference. The new partnership between Dentaverse and Dentalia inhibits all colors of this spectrum.

“Dentalia is focussed on bringing their visitors the absolute state-of-the-art within the industry,” said Floris Keyzer, head of communications at Dentaverse. “This partnership shows that they cater to their audience some of the most innovative and influential brands.”

Visitors of Dentalia will now also be able to join conferences and networking events in virtual reality on the Dentaverse platform. This platform consists of multiple components like the virtual reality world where the community gathers and a Discord communication server for voice and discussion channels.

Jan-Stanley Brown puts it as follows: “We aim to bring online innovation to the dental industry by extensive collaboration. At Dentaverse we value both virtual and online reality as much as we do offline reality and relationships. The Dentalia x Dentaverse partnership means our community will be able to meet each other in real life too.”

It is to be emphasized that both teams will be working with a shared vision and a shared roadmap. The partnership expands as both entities will closely work together to harness community building and value creation for future partnerships and real life events like exhibitions.

Dentaverse is a project mixing web 3 technologies such as metaverse, blockchain, NFTs & virtual reality. The goal is to give dentists around the world a set of innovative tools to collaborate and communicate easily together. Growing the dental community from an international perspective beyond physical exhibitions, and to develop long distance projects while investing in blockchain.

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