An Amsterdam-based boutique law firm specialising in intellectual property, licensing, trademark, technology and media & entertainment law.

Technology and intellectual property

We support companies for whom technology and intellectual property are key elements to the business. From blue chip technology, entertainment and fashion companies to media and platform scale-ups, we pride ourselves on being there for our clients every day, not just when things go wrong. Rather than working on a case-by-case basis, we aim to develop longstanding relationships, learning about your businesses, marketing strategy and commercial imperatives, and providing advice and assistance carefully tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

At Leeway we’re not just there for the big things – the landmark litigation, company sale or business critical outsourcing. We support every step of the way, from the early stage to the moment when you conquer the world.

Protect your products

We help you to protect your products and make them compliant, draft and negotiate your most important agreements and enforce your rights if necessary. Although we enjoy complex IP litigation, we equally enjoy assisting you with your digital transformation, a new IT cooperation, an IP advice or a licensing structure to fulfil your business potential.

We are very proud of the quality of our client base and the speed with which it continues to grow. According to our clients, we bring a creative and practical approach to the table, whatever the issue. We take time to learn about your business so we can provide practical, creative support at every stage of your product’s lifecycle. We consistently add value to make sure that the conditions are right for you to reach your goals.


James Wattstraat 100, 1097 DM Amsterdam, Netherlands


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An Amsterdam-based boutique law firm specialising in intellectual property, licensing, trademark, technology and media & entertainment law.

About our industry partnership with Saratoga

Together we deliver real life and virtual solutions to dental students, dentists and dental universities.

Saratoga is a leading Italian company in the design and manufacture of customised simulation units for teaching and professional furniture for dental clinics and dental laboratories.

Saratoga x Dentaverse

"Our partnership with Dentaverse delivers massive value for our company and stakeholders; the shared use cases impact dentistry on a global scale."

Patrizio Bortolus

CEO at Saratoga

About our legal partnership with Leeway

Together we uncover opportunities in gathering IP and shape web3 and virtual reality documentation and contracts.

Leeway is an Amsterdam (NL) based boutique law firm specialising in intellectual property, technology and media & entertainment law.

LEEWAY x Dentaverse

"Our partnership with Dentaverse extends beyond the next horizon due to shared resources and use cases in a web3 and virtual reality future."

Michiel Odink

Partner and DIrector at Leeway

About our philanthropic partnership with Kinder World

By close collaboration we can guarantee the highest available results on the philanthropic efforts made by our community.

Imagine how fast we can fix an important problem if our good intentions would be directed to the most effective solutions. At Kinder, they help find those solutions and empower to do good better.

KINDER WORLD x Dentaverse

"Together we are building a better world through dental philanthropy. It's our mission to deliver Dentaverse high priority causes with exceptional output."

Mathys van Abbe

CEO at Kinder World

Generating measurable value for members and partners by web3 and VR technology.

Community multiplier

Recurring income models allow members and partners to generate monthly revenue.

Emerging payment models

Enter a trustless partnership that eliminates geographical boundaries.

Global dental directory

About us

Creators Of The Dentaverse

Understanding what we are doing and where we are going is about the individuals that work on our team and take part in the community.

Virtual reality platform

Dental Community In Virtual Reality

A virtual community of dentists and dental students means you enter a lifetime of ever learning and evolving in the web3 and VR space.

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