Alwaleed Albadr
Dr. Alwaleed Albadr, founder of Dentaverse Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA), is a seasoned dental professional with extensive industry experience.
Alwaleed Albadr
MENA Founder

Dr. Alwaleed Albadr, a seasoned dental professional and founder of Dentaverse Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA), brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Dentaverse team. With a Master in Dentistry, Dr. Albadr has extensive experience in the dental industry and a strong passion for innovation and technology. He is committed to revolutionizing the dental industry by implementing cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions.

As a Dentaverse Partner for the Middle East and North Africa region, Dr. Albadr's deep understanding of the industry and his connections in the region make him a valuable asset to the project. He is eager to help Dentaverse achieve its mission to change the way dental services are provided, managed, and paid for. With his dedication and expertise, Dr. Albadr is poised to play a key role in shaping the future of the dental industry in the Middle East and Northern Africa.

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