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Ali A. Theyab is the General Manager of Mercury Dental Group (LMA Group), a private enterprise for International dental brands & agencies in Iraq, specifically related to oral surgery such as: OSSTEM, Implura, and Evoss. Elected as the 20/21 President of the International Association of Dental Students IADS in Geneva, Switzerland as the 1st Iraqi national to lead an International-level healthcare organization in the world. Assigned as an Expert to the World Health Organization (WHO) Academy Quality Committee. Dr. Theyab works as part-time Senior Business Consultant with DOINC, Iraqi business consulting firm specialized in SMEs and Startup development on the national-level. Dr. Theyab was the Founder of the IDSA - Iraqi Dental Students Association in April 2017 and currently serving as the Senior Management Trustee of the organization. He acquired his Bachelor's Degree in Dental Medicine in 2018 from the University of Wasit, and Graduated from Montana State University U.S. Middle East Partnership Initiative Program (MEPI) in Aug 2017. Dr. Theyab previously held many international positions related to oral & global health throughout his journey, also, he currently works as a

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To redefine oral health, it needs to be linked with the latest innovative technologies globally to imagine new patient-experience. The dental practice is the arrow of health services advancement and the only way to develop the practitioner mindset is by adopting the virtual learning.

Dr. Ali Dheyab Al-Zuhairi

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