Dr. Adrien Bizet

Dr. Adrien Bizet
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I studied dentistry at the University of Nantes. I had children soon so when I finished 10 years ago, I started working next to my house. Next to my love which I love, I like economy and investment. So I began to buy crypto in 2017. After that I started to explain to my friends and family why bitcoin is so interested and how to invest. More and more I met people in cryptos, like French YouTubers, and now I work with 2 and 3 of them to create content in crypto for french community.

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Dr. Adrien Bizet

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I am a French dentist in the west of France. I'm also educator in cryptos, I work for several YouTubers for their crypto content in French and I support dentists who want to understand how to buy and secure their cryptos. I'm really happy to be part of Dentaverse for the future of dentistry!

Dr. Adrien Bizet

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